Production of EPP moulds

The main production program of IZO-Form s.r.o. is the production of moulds for the preparation of EPP and EPS transport boxes. The transport boxes are intended mainly for the transport of parts in the automotive industry. We can not only design, but also manufacture the boxes for the customer.

Production of moulds for EPP transport boxes

We always offer our customers a complete service in the field of EPP mould manufacturing. Everything starts with a 3D model study. We simulate how the product will fit and design the packaging in its final form. In the study phase, all the customer's requirements can be easily incorporated.

This is followed by the production of a test prototype of the packaging. The test prototype can then be tested by the customer in the field. He can perform a transport test to be sure of the design and properties of the transport EPP box.

All production of moulds and packaging is subject to strict controls and meets all relevant standards. We have young, flexible and experienced colleagues in our team who are always able to fully meet the customer's requirements.

Advantages of EPP boxes for transport

One of the two basic components for the production of automotive transport boxes is EPP. This is a plastic material that has excellent properties - especially in absorbing impact energy. Even with very low volumetric weights.

EPP is ideal for the production of packaging for sensitive products or for the transport of automotive industry. EPP boxes are reusable, health-safe, washable and stackable. EPP boxes are also easy to recycle at the end of a project.

EPP boxes for the transport of automotive parts

Other advantages of EPP boxes for transporting automotive parts include their excellent thermal insulation properties, minimal water absorption and environmental friendliness.

EPP is extruded polypropylene. The production of EPP boxes is very environmentally friendly. The raw material in the form of beads is pre-foamed, thermally bonded and then foamed into the mould.

Do you need to make a shipping box from EPP? Do you need to make a mould for forming EPP packaging? Then you have come to the right website. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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