Production of a test prototype

Our customers appreciate the precision and speed of processing in the production of transport and storage EPP boxes and EPS boxes for the automotive industry and the corresponding moulds for moulding. We offer them all this. And not only that. Thanks to us, they can get the final product to market much faster and more efficiently.

The key to our success is our in-house design department, which enables us to design highly accurate 3D structural models. We can produce virtually any design, shape or style of test prototypes. We can then work on the test prototype to correct errors and improve the final product prototype early in the design process, when any changes and modifications are least costly.

Prototype moulds are also suitable for those customers who need to obtain prototypes from stock materials. They can thus directly verify the mould manufacturing process, functionality and mechanical properties of the mouldings.

They can deploy a prototype shipping box directly into production, try to ensure the logistics processes, test the functionality of the box and the benefits for them.

Prototype mould production procedure

Prototype moulds are mainly used for smaller series of mouldings. Production runs in the thousands of pieces. The design and mechanical properties of the prototype mould also correspond to this. For more complex mouldings, the mould is disassembled manually.

Prototype and small series moulds are produced by conventional processes such as CNC machining and EDM machining. The process of preparing and producing a prototype mould is thus very efficient.

Advantages of prototype moulds

Prototype moulds have a number of advantages for the customer. The most important advantage for the customer is the lower cost of the mould. Thanks to DMLS technology, a very short lead time is required to produce a prototype mould. Prototype products can be prepared from material that will later be used in mass production.

Prototype products for testing

Our services also include the technological design of the pressing process. We simulate the forming process, design the optimization of the parts and mould prototype parts. The result is a test prototype of the final product, which the customer can test in real operation.

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