Today's modern machining is no longer exclusively manual. While we still use lathes, drills and milling machines, most of the work is now done by high-end computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. CNC machining is revolutionizing manufacturing processes and machining precision.

The company IZO-Form s.r.o. does not remain on the sidelines either. We offer CNC milling and CNC turning in Liberec.

From the computer directly to the machine tool

In modern CNC systems, 3D computer-aided design (CAD) is used. The computer creates a virtual 3D mould design for the creation of EPS and EPP shipping boxes of packaging materials suitable for the automotive industry, for example. The mould design is first consulted with the customer. This is the stage when it is cheapest and easiest to incorporate any comments and modifications made by the customer into the mould.

Subsequently, the 3D design is interpreted in the form of a file to list the commands required to operate the specific machine through the postprocessor. The interpreted commands are then uploaded to the CNC machine for the actual production of the individual parts of the actual mould.

A machined part or mould part for EPS or EPP shipping boxes and packaging materials may require the use of many different machining tools and operations. Our CNC machines can handle even very complex and intricate parts. The workpiece produced is always almost identical to the CAD design. It is very faithful.

Precision machining thanks to experienced programmers

CNC machining is very precise. Accuracy and precision is the basis for the production of quality and reliable moulds for the forming of EPS and EPP shipping boxes and packaging materials. But no machine can replace honest human work and human experience and knowledge. Our high standard of production and machining is achieved primarily by our team of experienced CNC programmers who can translate complex 3D mould designs into a series of commands for the CNC machine tools.

With moulds produced by IZO-Form s.r.o., the customer can always be absolutely sure that the final product will always correspond to the design and processing in the form of 3D visualization and achieve a high standard, which is absolutely essential for our company.

Are you looking for a partner for the production of high quality, reliable and precisely processed moulds for the production of EPP and EPS transport boxes for logistics operations with automotive parts? Contact IZO-Form s.r.o. CNC milling and CNC turning of parts for mould preparation is our daily bread.


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