Locksmith works

The final stage of preparation and production of moulds for the preparation of EPS and EPP transport boxes is the final assembly of the mould.  The final assembly of the mould for moulding and its assembly is carried out by our own experienced and well-trained team of locksmiths and toolmakers.

Completion and commissioning of moulds

High-quality locksmithing works is a suitable complement to our offer of engineering production of moulds for the production of EPP and EPS transport boxes. Locksmithing is the last point in the production process. It completes and finishes all the previous mould preparation in computer CAD programs and the machining of the moulds on precision CNC machine tools.

Kompletní proces přípravy forem

Before the final assembly of the moulds, which is carried out by our own experienced team of locksmith experts, there are a number of necessary tasks that lead to the preparation of high-quality and reliable moulds for the production of EPP and EPS transport boxes and packaging materials.

When a customer contacts IZO-Form s.r.o. with a request to prepare a mould, our designers will first take care of his request. According to the customer's requirements and the shape of the part to be transported in EPP or EPS boxes or packaging materials, they will prepare a 3D model of the mould in CAD software.

After the necessary consultation, preparation of a test prototype, testing and fine-tuning of the mould, the CNC machines are programmed. Very precise components are prepared on the machining lines for the actual assembly of the mould. The final stage is then handled by our team of specialist locksmiths, who carry out the final assembly of the mould and its preparation before the actual mass production begins.

Professional mould production

EPP and EPS moulds are used for moulding expanded polypropylene and polystyrene. The products that EPP and EPS moulds create are most commonly used in the automotive industry. Particularly in the form of tool boxes, bumpers or other parts that require sensitive and safe transportation to their destination - such as an automotive plant. EPP and EPS moulds are also indispensable in the production of various fillers, storage boxes or packaging materials.

Do you need to prepare a mould for mass production and moulding of EPS and EPP transport and storage boxes? Entrust in the hands of professionals from the Liberec company IZO-Form s.r.o. Our customers have never had a reason to complain. We offer a fully professional approach. Contact us and together we will prepare a mould made exactly for your needs.


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